How It Moves! Kelly Ripa Surprised by Imitating Shakira It’s Amazing!

Kelly Ripa

The actress joined the “Champeta Challenge”.

There is no doubt that the presentation of Shakira in the Super Bowl has been the most commented and acclaimed of all time.

So much so that a new challenge was generated in which everyone tries to replicate their peculiar champeta dance: even Kelly Ripa.

The television host wasted no time to put together choreography and overcome or at least match the movements of the Colombian singer.

The American actress and businesswoman uploaded a video on her Instagram account, with which she left her fans speechless.

In the clip, where she appears in the company of Anna Kaiser, Shak’s coach, and another friend, the 49-year-old artist proved to be a very good opponent, as the steps went perfectly.

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Hard “hat” at work. @vegas #kellyandryanvegas

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And although Champeta is a very popular Afro-Colombian dance in Colombia, the winner of an Emmy award made it clear that to master a style you just have to propose it and act with discipline.

Kelly Ripa’s video quickly went viral and even Shakira herself posted it on her social networks with the comment: “You are great! The most beautiful chichas on the planet. ”