How Much Evil! Natti Natasha Doesn’t Know How to Do It and … Make Fun of Her!

Natti Natasha

The artist published a video where her fans knew something she doesn’t know how to do well.

The singer Natti Natasha has suffered from a mockery from some friends, just as it was filmed in the clip that she posted on her personal Instagram account and that has become a trend.

The artist made it clear that she does not know how to swim and her friends take advantage of it and take her to the deep area of ​​a beach where in order to stay afloat they have to hold her hands.

“When they abuse you for not knowing how to swim. Who is like me that does not come out ”, was the message that accompanied the video of the Dominican.

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The clip already has more than 2 and a half million reproductions, in addition to the more than 6 thousand comments between those who defend it and say they don’t know how to swim either and those who make fun of the composer.

Natti is very smiling in the video until she changes her face at the moment her partner begins to say that she will release her, “We got under a bridge, she doesn’t know how to swim… let her go, let her go, you’re not going to pass hence the sand. “

Natasha has become a reference in urban music where every single that she releases quickly becomes a success.

The beautiful singer hopes to continue to increase her popularity this year, has already managed to exceed 200 million views on accounts hosted on streaming service platforms such as YouTube