Ivonne Montero Sends ‘Renaid’ to Michelle Renaud and Defends the Surgeries

Ivonne Montero

The Mexican actress, Ivonne Montero, defended the women who decide to undergo cosmetic surgery and stressed that she does not agree with the movements against these practices

Mexico City.- In an interview with Venga La Alegría, the artist Ivonne Montero addressed the issue of cosmetic surgery and denied some myths that exist around these practices.

Regarding Michelle Renaud’s statement that silicone hurts the female body, the actress disagreed and said she does not think about removing breast implants.

I think we should worry more about ourselves and not walk pointing out that if a certain person made a ‘fix’, “Montero said.

Before the movements against the surgeries, Ivonne said that they only generate fear in women who better look for their physical appearance based on these methods.

We are accustomed to criticize and demonize body issues. While you are well with what you have and what you have, you have to be happy. I have my prostheses and I am happy, “said the interpreter.

Finally, Ivonne stressed the importance of attending a specialist to avoid problems when having surgery like this.