Jennifer Aniston Receives Matthew Perry on the Networks With … a Memorable “Friends” Scene!

Jennifer Aniston

The first to receive it had been Lisa Kudrow.

If when last October Jennifer Aniston opened her personal Instagram account and caused a stir on the platform that generated technical problems, what happened to actor Matthew Perry is not far from what happened on that occasion.

And although the actress was the character that the followers of the series were more eager to see on the networks, Perry was still needed, and this finally happened.

“What is this, my Instagram account?” Is what you read in the profile biography of Matthew Perry who created it under the name of @ mattyperry4.

The first to react to the creation of the profile of “Chandler” was Lisa Kudrow, who published on her profile, a photograph of the 2 under the description “Finally! Yes! I can not believe what my eyes see. MY EYES. Welcome to Instagram @ mattyperry4 #AmigosDePorVida.

But it should be noted that it was not the only “Friends” that welcomed the actor because Jennifer Aniston herself made a publication that includes a video to honor her friend.

Like Kudrow, Aniston published an image with Matthew, but she went further by encouraging himself to hang a video of an endearing scene from the famous series of which both were part of the main cast.

It is the video of the chapter where nothing else is at stake and nothing less than Monica’s department, which they lose because neither she nor Rachel (Aniston character), know what Chandler’s work is, to which Jennifer responds with a word non-existent.