Hailey confesses: this is the rule that Justin Bieber can’t break in bed


Justin Bieber’s wife revealed something of his intimacy that nobody imagined.

Since they were married, the relationship that Hailey Baldwin and singer Justin Bieber have is one of the most followed and commented not only on the media but on social networks. 

Beyond the constant fights that the couple always seems to have with Selena GómezJustin and Hailey’s marriage is famous for itself, as these turtles also have many fans. 

In the framework of living together and how difficult it can be to be a couple, Hailey recently revealed a rule that Justin can not break in the privacy of his bedroom, and is that: you can only use the cell phone when it is strictly necessary.

The regulations should give good results because against all odds, the young couple has demonstrated the conviction of staying together despite several rumours of separation. 

The truth is that we believe that, in the case of them, the rule is perfect to spend time and quality care as a couple. What do you think? Do you think Justin complies?