“Horror!”. Jennifer Lopez’s feet scare! Photo attention


Jennifer Lopez may be one of those women for whom you would give everything for them, although possibly when you finish this article you will rethink it well. And it is that the singer of New York is not exactly perfect.

At 50 we can say that Jennifer Lopez is great, however, not her whole body is doing well over the years. 

The New York singer has a foot fungus problem that is destroying her feet. Possibly after seeing this photo, you will not want to give the diva a foot massage. 

Social networks have been quite cruel to her and several comments have been read that indicated that it was a “Horror!” and that they would not touch her feet for anything in the world. And they have reasons for it.

Between demands

In addition, it seems that lately, he has problems with the law since he has been sued twice in the last three months. 

The first one was for the stripper she played in the movie she produced called ‘ Wall Street Scammers ‘.

The fact is that the stripper accuses them that they gave an image of her that little resembled reality, showing scenes where she was drugged in front of her own daughter. Something she denied happened at any time.

The other lawsuit seems to be against the Super Bowl and against Shakira and Jennifer Lopez herself, for making a show that according to the complainant should have warned that it was not for all audiences.

In fact, the complaint is for inciting pornography for the show at the break that the music divas rode. Poor Jennifer Lopez does not win for trouble.