In the pool and showing off from behind! Natti Natasha sunbathes like this!


Natti Natasha loves to boast physical. She does it in her concerts, in which she usually appears with the most daring models. But also in social networks. Hanging snapshots and videos in which it appears with suggestive and light combinations is one of the things you like best.

The girl knows that she has a shocking body, and also that boasting him reports significant increases in the number of followers she adds to her Instagram account. And the return in the form of advertising contracts is one of their ways of life.

Natti Natasha provokes on the net

This is how we often find on the wall of Natasha images in which she appears wearing a palm heart. And it must be said that the style that emerges is impressive, posing as if nothing but knowing the parts of the body that stands out. She has the lesson very well learned.

In fact, Natti does not need to pose with light clothes and with transparencies so that a photo of him goes viral in a matter of seconds. It is enough to leave some detailed insight to raise the coldest temperatures.

So sunbathe Natti Natasha

Something we can see, for example, in the following snapshot. In it appears the singer of the Dominican Republic sunbathing on an inflatable mat with a long-sleeved shirt, but with only the piece of underwear on the lower train.

A restrained but explicit enough combination to make it clear that the artist enjoys a careful and profiled physique.