Kendall Jenner shows her bunny in the WC and turns Instagram upside down!


The Kardashian-Jenner clan knows very well how to get attention, they are masters of marketing and of getting likes and followers on Instagram. And this weekend Kendall Jenner has shown it spectacularly.

The family model published less than 24 hours ago several images of him in the bathroom in underwear and mask showing her bunny. Which beyond all the game that has given to the media has been very commented on in the messages of the publication?

The image, as expected, has broken Instagram likes getting almost six million in a few hours. And so they have shown potential again in creating moods.

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mini me

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The family puts the turbo

A day ago it was little Kylie Jenner who showed her charms with a post with hardly anything on it and now Kendall Jenner wanted to show that she is not far behind.

And as Kourtney Kardashian comments in the publication, she is able to move so many masses with a mask on her face, something that is not available to many people.

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playboy outtakes ?☁️

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Worry about your health

Kendall Jenner is still at the centre of the controversy, as it seems that she is going more in terms of fame and jobs, but she is going less in terms of weight and her health seems to begin to suffer.

In fact, her followers are quite worried about the excessive thinness she has shown in her latest images on social networks. Especially in the images in which she teaches her entire body.