Miley Cyrus hugs a very strong man and with the tongue does this OMG!


Miley Cyrus leaves everyone with their mouths open for this 

The actress Miley Cyrus is a talent who has crossed borders without stopping as her performance in the Disney series as Hannah Montana fell in love with many young people who today continue to stop her.

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After her interpretation as Hannah Montana, actress Miley Cyrus decided to continue with her artistic world and that is why we have known several songs of the artist, 5 years or so ago Cyrus was very controversial for her behavior on stage.

Recently we have observed a photograph on her official Instagram account that has given much to talk about because we can see that she is accompanied by a dark man in a very striking red suit.

The image we are talking about quotes the following: “My baby and big brother in one place ….. the @tomford show of courseeeeee #FASHIONRUNSINOURFAM @lilnasx @tracecyrus”.