Neglect! Jennifer Lopez sees this! (and what you are going to see is very strong)


Jennifer Lopez is spectacular at 50 years old. In addition, she has lived a very intense last month with the success of her movie ‘Scammers on Wall Street’ and this last week with her participation in the Super Bowl break show.

However, not everything is gold that shines in the New York singer, who has used various tricks in recent years to look prettier in the eyes of people.

One of them was unveiled this week when she was seen using tape to raise the height of the bust, a trick that was revealed because of an indiscreet camera and a shirt that left too much air.

Always taking care

And the plaster is not the only beauty secret that Jennifer Lopez follows to continue being as great as she shows us in each of her appearances. In fact, the artist’s main secret is diet.

She acknowledges: “Everything that is organic and I follow a balance between proteins and nutrients.” In addition to making more exclusive diets for specific objectives.

One of the examples is the ten-day diet, in which it is without sugar or carbohydrates, something that, of course, has been very close with a specialist who takes that to the finger.

A lot of movement

In addition, to live on music, you must dance and Jennifer López dedicates a total of 5 hours a day to dancing and a gym to strengthen her arms, abdomen and buttocks. Almost nothing!