Pictures bomb! They appear and belong to Ana de Armas before losing weight and in a bikini!


Less and less is missing. The date is approaching. The countdown to the day of Ana de Armas premiere as a Bond girl has begun. D-Day will be next April 2.

Without time to die the new feature film of the saga of the secret agent 007 is titled. It will be the fifth and, a priori, Daniel Craig’s last intervention as BondJames Bond. It is possible to say that when the shooting of Specter finished, the last delivery to date, Craig already said that she wanted to leave the paper. That is why it will be necessary to see if the actor leaves, now yes, the saga of definitive form.

Ana de Armas aspires to be the best Bond girl

Something that will be difficult if they continue to put actresses like Ana de Armas, one of the most beautiful performers on the international scene, in the cast. The Cuban celebrity is one of the biggest claims of the new Bond film. And many will only go to the cinema to see it in action. Will you give up as a Bond girl? It’s hard. Many before left the bar very high. But surely yes.

But not everything is admiring what the girl has. In the networks also inhabit haters that attack against anyone. And Ana de Armas does not get rid.

The photos before shooting the new 007

They have lacked time to publish some snapshots of Santa Cruz del Norte in which they point out that “everything that glitters is not gold.” “In these, there is no Photoshop,” they write, referring to the couple of extra pounds that looks in the following snapshots.

Luckily, most of them have two front fingers and the ball does not increase, because these imperfections are what makes the young Central American actress even more charming. And it does not stop showing one of the most impressive physicists on the planet.