The most daring top! of Karol G causes anger. Attention to the photo!


Days go by but the song La Tusa continues to sweep Karol G fans The theme has become one of the musical phenomena of recent months and does not abandon the top of the charts of the most listened to, danced and sold.

The Colombian duo with Nicki Minaj has been a revelation for reggaeton and Medellin fans , who go crazy every time the first notes of the single sound.

Karol G sweeps the net

Faithful followers who are very aware of the singer in social networks. Not one of their publications on social networks is lost, which in minutes are filled with likes and comments.

And it is not that she has few fans precisely. On Instagram alone , Karol G has more than 26 million fans . A number that places it above other artists who are also rabid today like Natti Natasha or Becky G .

An impact she has achieved thanks to her unquestionable talent for music and dance. And also for her relationship with Puerto Rican Anuel AA . A few rapper followers have joined the list of Karol G’s .

Karol G’s most daring top

But, without a doubt, her physical appearance has also contributed to the growth of her wave of fans. And also in knowing how to wear it. And that the South American is not one of those that is posing lightly in clothes every two by three. But even in the simplest and restrained photos it appears most sensual.

Attention to the snapshot that appeared in one of the many fan accounts dedicated to the singer, in which she poses with a tight mini short and a grid top in the central part that has caused a furor among her fans.