The selfie of the year! Shakira climbs with tacos and risks everything to take a good picture


Between life and death, the Colombian Shakira found herself for wanting to take a good picture. Look what she did, it’s crazy!

Shakira is a goddess and shined in the last week after her presentation in the  Super Bowl with Latin American  Jennifer Lopez.

The Colombian singer has always managed to conquer the hearts of her fans but this time, she almost killed them from a heart attack. How did it occur?

Before going out to a show, the beautiful Shakira got ready in her dressing room, with the help of her team.

To show the results reliably, she decided to take a selfie and not against the mirror: she climbed into a swivel chair, while her companions grabbed it so that it did not fall, and took the photo. What madness!

Shakira wanted to take advantage of the light and it’s perfect! Although all her fans want her alive and on stage.