Video: Paulina Rubio wears a mini bikini and gives much to think about this that moves


Rubio left all her Instagram fans surprised with her body 

Paulina Susana Rubio Dosamantes better known as Paulina Rubio is a Mexican actress and singer who has grown steadily in the art world thanks to her talent and responsibility for her concerts.

She has stolen looks for many years, her songs have crossed borders without stopping and that is why she has won a large number of followers worldwide, in countries like Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, and Ecuador the artist continues to play.

In the official account of Paulina Rubio, we have observed a very controversial video because we can see how an unknown user records it while she turns around in a bathing suit.

Paulina Rubio’s swimsuit is black and her bikini shows her demolition, many of her fans have flattered her for her well-toned body. The media has been surprised by the audiovisual material.

Among the comments that we highlight: “you fascinate me, I love your voice, you are perfect, without a doubt you are the best” “without a doubt you look very good, I need to look like you when I am your age”.