Were we deceived? Filter Jlo image with obvious Photoshop


We always thought that the silhouette of the “diva of the Bronx” was spectacular, but now this appeared that made us doubt.

Nowadays it is very difficult to talk about Jennifer López without recognizing that she is a beautiful woman. However, today we get an image that raised doubts about whether the singer has “helped” or not with edited images.

And it is that in this world so visual, in which social networks took exaggerated importance, our dear Jlo is the protagonist of a phenomenon in which – out of nowhere – millions of photos and videos of her appearance that we had never seen.

Recently a photograph was published that, far from helping her, hurt her: it shows that the image was edited with Photoshop before it was published, why did they do that?

The truth is that we do not know if it was Jlo’s team or if she was a malicious fan, the truth is that yes: it shows that the image was edited and would appear to be in order to highlight the abdomen of the artist.

The good thing is that we have millions of images and videos that show that Jlo is beauty because this single photo is not going to damage anything of her successful career … Why fool us? We love Jlo anyway!