Anitta scandal! Photo like this in bed The Instagram counter explodes!


There are many celebrities who pull Instagram to put their name on the map. Anitta is, then, one of them. The singer knows very well that, as much as I hit on stage and in the music industry, in the networks she has one of her best weapons to keep growing.

A weapon that uses as very few. And, although it is true that names such as Natti Natasha or Becky G are known for their provocative models, Anitta is another level.

Eye, not precisely because you choose designs that reveal perhaps more than others reveal, but for their natural sensuality and their ability to create controversy with their poses. One of her latest posts on Instagram is a very good proof of that.

Anitta’s photos

And, as we can see below, the Brazilian is not that it has precisely a lot of objection when it comes to being photographed in a somewhat controversial pose. An image that, added to the other two of the same publication, has swept the networks.

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There are already more than 1.2 million likes in just two days which accumulated cam. And up. A publication that, considering that Anitta has no more or less than almost 45 million followers on Instagram alone, has also provoked many comments.

Surely in the next few days, Anitta will surprise her followers again with some provocative publication. Of course, it will cost to be as “beast” as this.