Kim Kardashian paralyzes the Oscars with this Alexander McQueen dress


There were just a few followers of Kim Kardashian who were waiting for the Oscar day to arrive. Eye, not because her dear Kim opted for a statuette. At the moment the talent of the American celebrity does not give it much.

Maybe in the future, Kim goes into the world of interpretation, but, at least until now, in her, she already shines above the rest. And yesterday she showed it again with the model with which she went to the party after the awards ceremony.

And, as much as the fashion runways and the different acts that program couture brands have a lot of impacts, it is on the red carpet where designers know that they have their best advertising platform.

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Date Night Oscars 2020

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Kim Kardashian’s dress

In this sense, Kim opted for the designer Alexander McQueen. A little model who has achieved her purpose: not to go unnoticed. Yes, they have not been all good reviews precisely.

Yes, in her Instagram account, where Kim has obviously posted two photos with the model in question, her fans (the publication already has almost 1 million likes in just 8 hours) the comments have been more than positive: “ Very beautiful “,” Spectacular “,” The most beautiful of all “,” You have nailed Kim “,” It is divine “,” What kind has this woman “or” Beautiful “are just some of them.

On the contrary, many of her haters have gone to the forums in which all the models are analyzed and left on the ground: ” As always, Kim Kardashian making a fool of himself”, “I do not understand how people can say that this woman has style and has class “,” It is fatal, it makes it very low and the tail is horrible “,” It does not fit well “ or” In this case, the truth is that it has not been right “are some of the many criticisms she has received.

Of course, best of all, and really what matters most to Kim, is that she has talked about her and her model. In this sense, the objective is more than accomplished.