Selena Gomez drunk filmed: she is lying on the chair and with a cup in her hand


After her return to music this 2019/2020, Selena Gomez has proven to be stronger than ever. But a video was leaked where it doesn’t look “so stable.” What will happen to him?

It seems that, despite so much reflection through music, singer  Selena Gomez would not be fully recovered from her past.

The former Disney actress was also filmed during a party, with a full glass and lying on the chair. They point out that “I was drunk.”

The artist looks as always but when talking with a partner, she is heard until she even babbled. It is not understood very clearly. Did she really get drunk?

Selena Gomez released her theme song “Lose you to love me” as an analysis of what was her love affair with singer  Justin Bieber.

Although her fans thought Selena had regained her sanity and her personality so characteristic in her beginnings on television, this video brings us doubts.