Selena Gomez puts her hands in there! Scandalous swimsuit and doing this!


Images of the interview that Selena Gomez has given to Dazed magazine continue to come to light and the truth is that they are increasingly revealing. The last string has two very curious images in which she goes out in a swimsuit.

In them, she appears putting her hands in the swimsuit at the waist and almost leaves nothing to the imagination the American singer who has shown to have very little shame in this photoshoot.

And is that the images are being a real tsunami in social networks where they are running like gunpowder.

Liked it a lot

Both the photoshoot from Brianna Capozzi to Selena Gomez and the interview have been brutally successful in social networks and have been the weekend of the United States where she has not stopped being Trending Topic.

And the comments have not been better, with many of her followers grateful that the American singer has shown her scars in public.

And she told everything

Selena Gomez was asked about whether a character was everything she had prepared to be a famous artist and was not showing herself, to which the singer wanted to be as honest as possible.

The American replied with a very convincing message: “It is too tiring to play a character with something as personal as music.”