The scandalous photo of Kylie Jenner inside a car after the Oscars


Kim Kardashian’s sister and the image that will leave you with your mouth open

My mother, the one who has gotten involved with one of Kylie Jenner’s latest posts on her Instagram account. And, as expected, taking into account how much the Klan girl likes this kind of parties and events, Kylie asked for it with her design for the Oscar party.

Like her sister KimKylie opted for a design that did nothing but, as usual, enhance, and much, its curves. A design that has caused a barrage of good reviews on social networks.

And, contrary to what has happened with her sister, yes, the vast majority of opinions have been favourable towards the choice of Kylie. ” Spectacular,” “You spin your sister Kim a thousand times, ” or ” It is indeed an elegant dress and not what your sister has worn ” are just some of the many comments in this regard.

Kylie Jenner’s picture

Of course, as usual in these cases, all these compliments have not come out ‘free’ to Kylie. And, as she herself has pointed out in social networks, the fact of wearing this spectacular design has caused her some other problem.

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couldn’t really sit in this but it was worth it ?

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The main one is that, directly, it could not sit down. Yes, you read it right. Jenner’s dress design has prevented her from sitting in her car. She herself, using that sincerity and naturalness that characterizes her so much, has explained it in her Instagram account. ” I really can’t sit with this dress, but it was worth it .”

If she says so it will be yes, but, as expected, more than one has been launched to criticize her. Mind you, not the design itself, but the problem Jenner has been unable to sit down. ” These ‘stars’ get to the point that it is almost ridiculous,” “My mother Kylie Jenner is getting worse and worse ” or ” One thing is that to look you have to suffer, the other is that you can not even sit … ” are some of the criticisms that have been read on the networks.