This is Sophie Turner (Game of Thrones) in a bikini without anything from Photoshop


The actress of the popular HBO dragon fiction says goodbye forever to the series and will not participate in a spin-off

Sophie Turner triumphed for eight years and seven seasons playing one of the main characters of the mythical series and forever remembered Game of Thrones. The power struggle ended, but HBO said it was not willing to throw in the towel.

As other great products of film history have done, a spin-off is prepared to continue conquering the general public of fiction. HBO prepares a sequel to enjoy more of its universe. The platform has announced that it will have totally new characters, but would love to keep one of the previous ones in order to have a common link. The one with the most ballots is Sophie Turner, but it has just been known that she has not accepted the project. She has put an end to Game of Thrones.

The actress who plays Sansa Stark in Game of Thrones has explained to Variety that she has no interest in being part of those projects: “I would do anything to get back to what we had, but it would not be the same.” 

Sophie Turner is clear:  “It would be different, with different people working. I don’t want to be part of it. Unless they give me a lot of money, I won’t do it. ”  In any case, it is unlikely that she will appear because the spin-off that will be expected to be released in 2022 will be 300 years before the history we know.

Despite this, Sophie Turner has left an open door, the economic one. Sophie Turner told her experience shooting the end of the story: “The day I really appreciated everything was the last day on the set, and it was the saddest day of all. I entered the Winterfell set in my suit for the last time. And I was looking around and my eyes filled with tears, ”she explains excitedly. “That was the day I really appreciated, but also the day I sank and didn’t get out of bed in the next three days. Everyone cried. ”

At the moment Sophie Turner relaxes with a well-deserved vacation. Take advantage of the fact that in the other part of the world it is summer to put on your swimsuit, but you can tell that she is not going to sunbathe.