Attention to Selena Gomez’s bikini and what she teaches!


A fan account shared a leaked image of Selena Gomez from just over a couple of weeks ago. In it, they intended to show their last tattoo, of unknown meaning, and that has been done on the left leg. But the truth is that practically nobody noticed her latest work, if not something else that called much more attention at first sight.

First, the bikini she was wearing. A group that did not seem to like anything to its followers, because they saw it very outdated and ugly. “If it’s a grandmother, what a horror”, “Where has the taste been left?”, “I’ve seen curtains with better color”, “So it won’t conquer anyone” or “It’s the ugliest I’ve ever seen” were some comments. But they were not the only criticisms.

Because, while it is true that the garment did not accompany, many people also focused their eyes on something else. We talked about the body and silhouette of Justin Bieber’s ex-girlfriend, who also made news a few days ago. Because she has neglected a bit of sport and diet, and that translates into some kilo that another lodged in her legs and her belly, which is no longer flat.

People were stunned and didn’t quite believe what they were seeing. Because, accustomed to seeing a divine Selena and with a body of 10, now they do not believe their neglect. But the artist is happier like that, without worries or obsessions, and is not ashamed or self-conscious of anything.

Many comments, destructive

And Gomez did not flinch at any of the comments she received. And that many were quite evil and were going to hurt.

“That left is, who has seen it and who sees it”, “Another Disney girl who throws her life in the trash”, “Look how beautiful she was as a teenager” or “How to continue like this ends as Shakira” were some reactions.