Becky G does it in public in a store and everyone goes crazy. What would she do?


The famous singer Becky G continues to enjoy the success she has achieved with her new music promotion “Mala Santa”, an album that managed to position itself in the top spots of the streaming lists.

The protagonist of ” Power Rangers ” announced every detail of her first record work, clarifying that she is proud of the great result.

Recently the interpreter of “Mayores” thanked her followers for the love they have shown in accepting their musical themes and a way to reward their support for their fans, was to attend the inauguration of their clothing store and surprise attendees.

The faithful followers of the young artist, enjoyed the presence of Becky in the store so they took advantage of their stay in the place to write messages and take pictures with her.

Rebecca MarieBecky’s real name, posted a video that summarized all the good things that had happened to the lucky guests, who couldn’t stand the tears when they saw her.