Camila Cabello attacked by her! Filtered these bomb messages


Does Ariana Grande have a face that we do not know and is not as friendly as we see on stage? That is a question that is being asked in the United States after they leaked private conversations with the singer.

And is that Instagram has played a trick on the American since a fan has revealed several conversations she had with her and in which she put back and a half to several artists of her fifth.

Camila Cabello, Selena Gómez and Demi Lovato have been the focus of their criticisms on social networks.

Boring songs

Camila Cabello and Demi Lovato have suffered criticism for their music. The Cuban seems to have not convinced an Ariana Grande to whom Camila Cabello’s success, ‘Señorita’, seems boring.

As for Demi Lovato, it seems that the lyrics are not transmitted to a very demanding Ariana Grande with the music of her competitors.

Selena Gomez, the worst stop

Although it is Selena Gomez who takes the palm of criticism of an Ariana Grande who would not have left a puppet with a head in her criticism on Instagram. In addition to not transmitting anything to her music, Selena was accused of false by Ariana Grande.

The singer has not denied that these messages were made by her and for now, public opinion is very divided on whether those captures are real or is a montage against Ariana Grande.