Jennifer Lopez paints her abs with Photoshop! And they catch it


Jennifer Lopez is also human. And although sometimes it does not seem so because of its impressive physique at its advanced age, we must remember that. Therefore, it is normal for you to pass stages where you are stronger, wider or thinner. And, like everyone else, you can also neglect and earn a few extra pounds. Exactly what has happened relatively recently.

Because this past Christmas she got carried away and forgot to weigh himself on the scale some other day. Like everyone on such marked dates, she went on a good life and ate more of the bill. Therefore, she lost some muscle mass and caught the odd kilo of fat. And in her performance in the ‘SuperBowl’, she could already see something more swollen than usual.

However, she still had a tail and infarct curves. But she was no longer at her best, nor did she have the great body she wore at her best. Something completely logical, then, and more when you’re already in your fifties, it’s harder to lose weight and easier to gain. Although in her photo, which appears on the beach, it seems to be 100%.

But quickly her followers realized the trick. Because JLO did not hesitate to use Photoshop to paint well-marked abs and fix imperfections. Many who saw her closely recently claim that, not far, she already has that figure.

Critical Comments

Obviously, the deception attempt did not sit well among her followers. All of them dedicated themselves to reproach their fear of what they will think and say, and demand that it be more natural.

“You could already learn from some”, “I never thought you would fall so low Jennifer” or “What an example for society” were the comments of the publication.