Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom photographed like this in Prague in the last hours

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are a rather peculiar couple. The singer and the actor never leave indifferent with their little models, which are not what we can say usually in ordinary people.

In their last appearance in Prague both have been seen with two outfits of the strangest.

In the case of Orlando Bloom with a blue bomber jacket that seemed made for someone 3 or 4 sizes larger than him. And in Katy Perry’s with a jacket-sack to the floor that surprised everyone who saw her like that on the street.


Rolling in Europe

Orlando Bloom is in full recording of his Carnival Row series that is available on Amazon Prime, in which he appears alongside Cara Delevigne in a Victorian fantasy world where men invade the place where magical creatures live.

Katy Perry took advantage of her stay in the United Kingdom, where she has been decorated by Prince Charles, to make a trip to Prague to visit her fiancé.

Children yes, wedding no

Orlando Bloom has explained in an interview that he is eager to have children with Katy Perry, something that the Santa Barbara singer also warned in an interview so it is expected that this 2020 could be the great year.

The wedding for the moment continues without a date after two postponements. The problem remains the same … the location.

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