Nicki Minaj lets see this in the gym! Video attention (and has hours)

Nicki Minaj has surprised her millions of fans with a video that she has just posted on her Instagram account and already has more than six million views. In the recording, the rapper is seen in a gym doing some posturing.

Far from being the American doing exercises, Nicki Minaj takes the opportunity to show her tight model, her short top that leaves almost everything in sight and especially a watch that will have cost a few thousand dollars.

And it is that the watch with pearls and gold seems very expensive, something that has surprised the fans of the singer of the United States, who did not expect him to go with that to the gym. But so is she…

Withdrawal completed

Nicki Minaj announced in 2019 that she was retiring from music and it has only taken a few months to return. In fact, she has already made a new album, although it is not yet published and she has already given some news about her work.

And this time it seems that she wants to be totally different from the Minaj we know and warns that she has an alter ego for this project called ‘Queen Sleeze’, a much quieter Nicki.

New song

In fact, she has started giving a preview of her new project with one of the songs that will make up the album. The song is called Yikes and leaves no one indifferent. And is that Nicki Minaj wants to regain her throne.

Cardi B can start to get nervous since the queen has returned…

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