Not everything is perfect! Brie Larson’s toe at the 2020 Oscars


The Oscar 2020 awards have given much to talk about, for all the unusual and epic events that were presented last night at the  Dolby  Theater in  Los Angeles, such as the Best Film Award for the foreign film ” Parasite “, the emotional speech by Joaquin Phoenix for her role in Joker, or the memes of Billie Eilish’s expression and Eminem’s unexpected performance. However, there is something else you didn’t know and it was Brie Larson’s deformed finger, which overshadowed her impeccable ‘outfit’ at the gala. 

The winner of the Oscar for Best Actress in 2016 for the movie “The Room”, surprised at the Red Carpet of the Oscar 2020, because with a beautiful pale pink dress with frost and diamond impacted and showed a lot of elegance. However, an unexpected detail with her right foot made the eyes turn to her feet and not to her curves. 

Brie or better known as “Captain Marvel”, has been teased, first because on social networks they requested that she leave her role in Marvel and now with this strange deformity on her right foot, which she noticed and tried to hide it. 

When Larson arrived at the Red Carpet and posed for the cameras there was a detail that caught the attention of those present. Captain Marvel wore sandals to combine her long dress and exposed her fingers, but the room was longer than the rest and looked tacked by her tight shoe.

In a matter of seconds, the American actress noticed it. Brie Larson immediately changed the pose, but with a face that said more than a thousand words. You could see an expression of being very sorry. Brie hid her foot and continued with the photoshoot. It must be considered that this type of shoes can squeeze the toes too much and this is what made it a bad move.