Salma Hayek surprises by feeding Penelope Cruz in the mouth during the Oscar


Actress Salma Hayek already made clear, two days before the ceremony, that one of her main attractions in the face of the great American film festival was her long-awaited reunion with Penelope Cruz, one of the best friends she has always had the Mexican at the Hollywood celebrity circuit.

“This Sunday, Penelope and I are not going to present together, but we are both going to present, and I am very happy to see her again,” wrote the protagonist of ‘Frida’ while sharing on Instagram a photo of the gala at the who took the stage together, the year 2006.

As expected, the expectation that raised the possibility of seeing a new photo of the couple at the Oscars did not cease to intensify as the stars were arriving at the red carpet installed just outside the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles. However, Internet users had to wait a little longer than expected before admiring the two friends in action.

In any case, Salma has not disappointed her followers and has again shown that no one is able to combine like her the elegance of these exclusive acts with the spontaneity derived from her outgoing character. In this way, the movie star has decided to summarize her experience in the evening with a frankly funny snapshot, which also reflects the ‘sacrifices’ that some celebrities have to make to make the most of their impressive styles.

“OMG! We were so hungry! ” Said Salma, who stood out as one of the best dressed of the night thanks to her angelic and steamy Gucci dress, along with an image in which she appears sharing her caviar with the Oscar-winning Spanish artist, who opted for a sophisticated black dress from the Chanel firm.