They surprise Drunk Hailey Bieber: she screams and dances while they want her down, mommy!


Justin Bieber’s wife, Hailey, was photographed at their worst (or better?) Moment during a party. Did you really go over alcohol?

Hailey Baldwin is a model who now married singer Justin Bieber and they share many crazy things together.

Although the first years of the relationship were difficult due to Bieber’s dark past, Hailey did not hesitate to accompany him and be his moral support at all times.

But it seems that now the roles have been reversed: while before Justin Bieber was on everyone’s lips for his addiction to alcohol, now Hailey Baldwin was caught in a suspicious situation.

During a party, several people photographed the model on a stage, all dressed in black, screaming and dancing, with their eyes narrowed and red cheeks. Was I drunk as they say?

Although there are no official statements of the Hailey Bieber model, the photos speak for themselves. What do you think?

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