Unrecognizable! Becky G before being (so) famous


While it is true that Becky G has had a great time starting her career at a time when social networks are booming, they can also play tricks on her.

And, as much as the singer from Los Angeles has one of her best promotional weapons on Instagram, sometimes this social network turns against her. Occasions like the one just given now.

It has been one of the Instagram accounts managed by a group of Inglewood fans that has circulated an image of Becky from a few years ago. A photo that, of course, has not gone unnoticed. Quite the opposite.

Becky G’s photo

Among other things because the image of Becky then has nothing to do with the current one. The sensuality that emerges today is one of Becky’s hallmarks.

Of course, seeing the image in question, there are few who make it very clear that the sexy side that now has so much power has been given several visits to the plastic surgeon. 

A controversy in which, yes, the American has preferred not to enter. She is more than proud of both her past and her current image and knows that going to war with her haters will do her no good.

She follows her own, accumulating successes in the music industry while adding supporters every day she passes on social media. A success that does not seem to have an end.