Anitta and she together! Instagram upside down!


“We don’t have the same blood, but anyone who knows us closely would say the opposite,” Anitta wrote last summer on social media, in a message dedicated to Marina Morena, the personal assistant of the Brazilian singer.

The phrase belongs to a text that Anitta wrote to Marina on social media, on the occasion of her 36th birthday. Very meaningful and profound writing in which Marina was praised and expressed how united she feels.

“Marina, the super materialist, lends you everything you have without even seeing it, and you still forget to ask for it. Marina is generous, put aside what she is doing to give you a friendly shoulder, she doesn’t want any harm to anyone. It is crazy. It’s fun. She really is my sister, ”you could read between the lines. And is that Anitta is delighted with her assistant. Their relationship goes far beyond work.

Anitta and Marina Morena party

And of course, so united they also have their fun moments in common. From time to time, like any couple of friends, they also a party. And what you see in the account Instagram of Anitta, had an appointment Monday.

The Brazilian artist first uploaded some snapshots of the moments before leaving home. Those in which the girls chose their best models.

Later, in the middle of the night, Anitta hung others in which you can see the love and complicity they have.

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I’m in love @winnieharlow / …what a night

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