Emily Ratajkowski is rival: Tammy Hembrow’s scandalous dress!


Emily Ratajkowski may be worried about a top model that is gaining a lot of weight on the international scene such as Tammy Hembrow. Exiting Instagram, it’s starting to appear on important gateways.

The Australian influencer has moved to New York in recent months and is being noticed at the American city galas parties as it was seen in her latest post on her Instagram account.

And is that Tammy Hembrow hung an image of him with the dress that went to one of those parties and practically broke Instagram with 400,000 likes in no time.

Beating Emrata

In fact, the last post of Emily Ratajkowski has had much worse numbers than those of Tammy Hembrow, something that begins to worry about the American top model because she is losing engagement with her audience.

It is worrying that with 25 million followers, twice as much Tammy Hembrow, does not even exceed the number of likes in a publication.

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Thank you for having me @proenzaschouler

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Emily’s first love

Emily Ratajkowski that her participation in the iCarly series, where she debuted on television, served her to meet love for the first time. She herself has recognized that it was actor Noah Munck.

She played the role of Gibbs in the series and the model has shared an image of him in the series with the actor on her twitter account recognizing the secret: “Gibbs was my first love.”