Georgina Rodríguez spends 10,000 euros on the device that works miracles with the body


There is a machine that has become the jewel in the fitness crown and celebrities like Meghan MarkleJennifer Aniston, and even Michelle Obama already use it daily. That miraculous machine is called ‘Megaformer’.

The device is not new as it was created 15 years ago by the French Sebastian Lagree, but it has become fashionable in recent months to model the body and tone it in a very simple way.

The best gyms already have one of these machines, although in Spain at the moment it is not too common to see it.

One has been purchased

Georgina Rodríguez has not wanted to be less than those celebrities who use it daily and she has bought one for her house. A purchase that Cristiano Ronaldo gladly accepted, since it is another jewel for her spectacular gym that she has in her house.

The model has daily gym routines and this jewel that costs practically 10,000 euros in the market could not be missing from day today.

A piece advised

The megaformer is highly recommended by the fitness professions since it is a machine that serves a large number of muscles and allows comprehensive training. 

The personal trainer of celebrities  Miguel Ángel Peinado defines it this way: «The megaformer is a machine that uses a system of springs, pulleys, and the bodyweight itself to create a level of resistance that is safe in your joints and back».