“Her belly hangs!” Jennifer Lopez recorded like this. Watch the video and have hours!


The days pass but the performance of Jennifer López and Shakira in the break of the Super Bowl final played on February 2 continues to give what to talk about. Fans of the two divas continue to think of performance on social networks.

Some praise both. Others only one of them while attacking the other. The comparisons that were expected to appear flood social networks.

In this sense, it has always been said that there were certain quarrels between the two singers. Some differences that the followers of the respective celebrities have also maintained.

Attacks between fans

Hence, JLo fans are criticizing Shakira and her performance, while fans of Gerard Piqué’s couple do the same with the Bronx star. In addition, they no longer only stick to what was seen on stage to comment. They also do it on the images that have come out with the passing of the days of the moments that took place behind the scenes before and after acting, as well as the rehearsals that they carried out in the previous days.

JLo’s “belly?”

For example, the document that we share next, with which some have been shown to the American. “His belly hangs!” They write on the net.

And it is true that she is seen as a small michelín that later was not seen on stage. But so is the effect produced by the tightness of the pants. And it is that as many would like to hold her form to the 50 years it has JLo. It is not more or less than what anyone who exercises in the gym periodically like Jennifer can wear.