Jimena Sánchez overcome: Joselyne Cano has more! Video of backs


Jimena Sánchez is well known for her spectacular physique, much like that of the American socialite Kim Kardashian, who has served as an inspiration for the Fox Sports host for a long time.

However, it seems that the brutal curves of the Mexican have competition due to a compatriot of her who wants to bitter her fame with even more extreme curves.

She is Jocelyne Cano, who has recorded a video for her Instagram account in which she makes it clear that her thing is a very serious thing.

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Fame in doubt

Jocelyn Cano has 11.2 million followers on her Instagram account, a figure more than two million higher than Jimena Sánchez has. However, the impact of both is very different.

And it is that the engagement with its audience the presenter of Fox Sports is much superior to that of the model, which makes much doubt about how many of Jocelyn Cano’s followers are real and how many are bots.

The numbers do not deceive

Despite the 11.2 million followers, the truth is that Jocelyn Cano’s publications tend to exceed 200,000 likes on very few occasions, however, other influencers such as Jimena Sánchez or Yanet García do not happen that.

In fact, the publications of these two are usually close to half a million likes, a much higher ratio than those of Jocelyne Cano.