Karol G’s selfie with the bathrobe open! fresh out of the shower


Karol G has set this year 2020 as a goal to overcome the fame of his compatriot Shakira and also Maluma and be the best known Colombian in the world, something that is not really too far.

However, Shakira’s Super Bowl with Jennifer Lopez has returned to give Gerard Piqué’s partner a plus that a Karol G lacks when he covered the opening of the Copa América last year was quite sad.

The playback played a trick on him and since then he goes with some handicap, however, Karol G wants to prove to everyone that she is unique.

A curious photo

Karol G is an expert in attracting attention and likes to play with her bathrobe, which we have already seen on several occasions in her Instagram account. The Colombian has taught us in many ways.

This time he has done it by opening it in front of the mirror just out of the shower in an image that has driven all the fans of the coffee singer crazy.

A good year

This 2020 beyond what may come in terms of music, it seems that it will be the great year of Karol G on a personal level since he plans to marry his partner Anuel AA, who is making preparations to surprise the singer.

The Colombian had been sending indirectly through social networks to the reggeattonero, and in the end, this 2020 will be when we see a fashionable couple of urban music getting married.