Katy Perry caught without Photoshop: “Unrecognizable!”


Katy Perry is a woman who leaves no one indifferent. Because of her way of being, because of her way of dressing, because of her history as an artist … and it is that few people can boast of having her success. Not surprisingly, she has taken ‘hits’ like ‘I Kissed a Girl’, ‘Roar’, ‘Hot and Cold’ and a long etcetera. Perhaps that is why it is also the most desired.

But she is happily committed to Orlando Bloom, with whom she has been a long time. And, in fact, recently the actor announced that the idea of ​​having children coming soon passes through her head. Many media claim that when the recording of ‘Carnival Row’, a series where it is the protagonist, could be put to it. Until then, we can enjoy the natural American.

Although many say that, likewise, it is already in its first weeks of gestation. The reason is none other than a recent photo, which has been leaked in various newspapers. In it, Katy is seen on her back, with some pints that are far from being those of a superstar. To start, because she wears a fairly normal and extravagant sweatshirt and tight leggings.

And it is not that I mark a good body much less. In fact, it seems that she has neglected a bit, because her legs are thicker than usual, and her tail does not look as usual.

They had no mercy on her

And those who saw the capture had no mercy or compassion on her. Because they fattened and made all kinds of comments referring to their neglect. Neglect that would have an excuse with a possible pregnancy.