Selena Gomez shocks the networks with her new look: curls are her thing!


Amid the success of her new record material ‘Rare’ and the controversy over the criticism that Ariana Grande made to her and Demi Lovato through an Instagram conversation that was leaked, Selena Gomez has let herself look calm and happy with A new look that raised very positive comments.

The singer has reached 6 million likes with her haircut arranged in beautiful curls that beautifully highlight her oval face.’

Without any description, Selena hung the three postcards on her personal Instagram account, where she also wears long earrings and a turtleneck coat that complements her image of an empowered woman, the same that she has made palpable on her new album with Inspiring lyrics

In addition, the interpreter of ‘Look At Me Now’ is also promoting her first line of makeup ‘Rare Beauty’, baptized in honor of the same album released in January this year.