The most daring Becky G. “Do not ever change”


When Becky G began to stand out in the music industry some time ago, many spoke of her as a young woman with a lot of vocal power. However, now that she is already a star in the networks, many refer to her as a “sensual singer.”

Seeing the drift that Becky has taken at an aesthetic level costs, and much, not to agree with them. And, despite having her main weapon in her voice to continue conquering followers, her figure has also become a good weapon.

As many other singers like Natti NatashaKarol G or Anitta do, the aesthetic part has gained much importance in recent times. That is why, in fact, that of Inglewood does not stop being more and more daring in her concerts and in her video clips.

Becky G’s dress

And the dress that we can see next is a clear example of this. A model in which the transparencies are the protagonists and that, as expected, has done nothing but generate many comments on social networks.