The viral photo that does not leave Lady Gaga in good place


Lady Gaga is one of the women with more impact in recent years. And it is not for less, seeing the success of several of her songs, such as ‘Applause’, ‘Poker Face’ or ‘Bad Romance’. But her undoubted talent with a microphone in her hand has also been accompanied by a strong and controversial character. And an extravagance is shortly before seen in the world of music.

Hard to forget will be your transparencies, your clothes or your statements. And also her supposed romance with actor Bradley Cooper, the protagonist of ‘Hangover in Las Vegas’. Because many say she is in love with her, and that is why she divorced her ex-wife, Irina Shayk, for many, the most beautiful on the planet. However, surely she would not forgive something like what appears on the screen.

And it seems that the American does not take full care of her feet. Because a photo that has gone viral, and that focuses on your left foot, does not leave you in a very good place. For starters, heels don’t do you any favors, and they accentuate the bunions she has even more. In case it was not enough, that is added nails that do not care too much.

Calluses, fungi, bad color … for many, the feet are a real fetish. But surely not those of Lady Gaga, who kills sensuality with this image. And if they look like this, better not ask how they will smell …

Doubts about your hygiene

Obviously, it didn’t take long for people to question their hygiene and private life. Because the truth is that it is not very common for a person of her caliber to go so carefree…