They come out! Cardi B chooses a very small size and this happens!


Cardi B is on promotion, she knows that Nicki Minaj is back and that is why she does not want to lose the throne and be noticed more than ever on social networks. Her 59 million followers have been able to see him this week.

The American rapper has not stopped uploading photos and stories during these days and seems to want to draw attention above all things, something that as always does have achieved without a doubt.

One of her images in the stories, in which she has appeared with a leather corset.

Cardi B does not want to lose

In the image we can see that perhaps that corset has a smaller size than healthy and clear, what happened should happen, that they leave. That has caused social networks to talk only about the charm of the rapper and forget a bit about the return of Nicki Minaj.

And it is that Cardi B does not want to hear about her arch-nemesis or even her more ‘light’ version as it seems to be the good Nicki Minaj now.

Cardi B is a star and Jennie is not

K-Pop singer Jennie has been able to verify the influence of Cardi B. Both attended a Chanel brand event and sat them together. As expected the rapper took all the lights and left the Korean in the background.

However, the curious moment of the ceremony was when Cardi B was given Jennie’s coat without asking for permission, something that left the singer of the Blackpink group totally out of place.