Video! Selena Gomez dancing in a swimsuit: “Belly, cellulite and all fallen!”


It seems that Selena Gomez is not winning many followers in recent times. And is that Justin Bieber’s ex-girlfriend says she is 100% recovered, but it really doesn’t seem like it at all in her last appearances.

In fact, the last times we have seen it has been to show us that this 2020 wants to wear fewer clothes than ever and wear more daring looks, but we have also seen it in a very low form.

His latest video on Twitter leaves enough evidence that Selena Gomez needs to do some more exercise to be the diva that was nothing.

Highly criticized

The comments against the singer from the United States have been very hard against her state of form. Dazed magazine has published behind the scenes after the interview where her most daring photos are seen and the truth is that she was disappointed.

You have been able to read things like “Belly, cellulite and everything fell!” In the comments that show that Selena Gomez is not going through her best moment.

Dazed makes it controversial

The interview in Dazed has been more than a photoshoot of a very daring Selena Gomez, it has also raised the occasional controversy, especially as regards her past.

Selena Gomez has claimed her Hispanic last name and has wanted to become a heroine for Hispanics in the United States, something that the community has not liked so much.