Ashley Graham gets ready for her first date after birth


After living her pregnancy very closely to the public eye and sharing every step of it, Ashley Graham has decided to communicate to her faithful followers all aspects of motherhood also after childbirth, making them part of her day to day and learning as a mother .

Very recently she revealed for example that, as part of her recovery from childbirth, she had to use diapers himself as her baby. Since also to share that, living so long in the fashion industry, she never thought it would take so much appreciation to disposable underwear.

In the same way, the curvy model now stirred the networks by showing in an Instagram post what is probably her outfit on the first date she has with her husband after becoming a mother.

” @Mrjustinervin I am thinking that this look of @ marina.rinaldi could be that of our first night date?” Graham wrote under her post, which ended with the necessary information so that anyone interested could acquire it too.

The model has also dabbled in the world of podcasts with “Pretty Big Deal,” where she recently invited her own husband to share their experiences as first-time parents.