It came out! Miley Cyrus exposes one of her nipples and shares the moment in networks


Amid the rumors of a possible and unusual reconciliation with Liam Hemsworth, singer Miley Cyrus has decided to change the subject radically on social networks by showing one of her nipples, which escaped from her top, appealing that Instagram will soon be censored it

“Swipe right. But fast, because Instagram will definitely remove this post soon ” were the words of the interpreter of ‘Slide Away’ when sharing a post with three postcards, the last one being the probable cause of future censorship.

The networks immediately burst into endless comments, most of them in support of her way of being, claiming that she is the most iconic person of this era. But those who recriminated that children admire her and remain in networks were also present.

For now, just a couple of hours after its publication, the postcards already have almost a million likes and have not been censored. However, even if it happens, the image is already in any way circulating through all the portals of cyberspace, from which they will never disappear.