Natti Natasha wrong size. But still “she is a beauty”


It is clear that Natti Natasha fans have been more than baffled to see some of the latest publications of their favorite singer on social networks.

And it is that they have been able to verify how the Dominican Republic not only dominates the terrain of risky models but also rubs shoulders with haute couture.

Yes, you read that right, Natti Natasha rubs shoulders with the most prestigious firms of the moment. It has been in New York where the artist has made it very clear that fashion is also a field in which it operates more than well.

Natti Natasha’s model

The artist has attended the New York fashion week and there has coincided neither more nor less than with Carolina Herrera. Of course, he has not hesitated to take pictures with the famous designer and share them on her social networks.

But beyond that, it has been her model that, again, has drawn much attention. And, although it is true that the design is gala and that even Natti has chosen to wear a Pamela and many jewels, the design has done nothing but enhance its curves.

As much as Natti has left aside the tracksuits and the most casual garments, her dress size, as many assure, is not that it is precisely loose. Quite the opposite.

We will see if from now on Natasha opts for this more chic style or not. The truth is that, as many point out, it is not that it feels precisely bad.