Did Her Hand Go Away! Dancer Did the Unthinkable While Dancing With Jlo Where Was A-Rod?

Jennifer Lopez

The singer and her partner performed an amazing choreography.

Jennifer Lopez has a peculiar way of dancing on stage, where she shows that she knows how to move very well.

The choreographies of the American singer are a work of art for those who observe her, and that was more than demonstrated in her presentation of the Super Bowl halftime show.

Their incredible steps, and with such a figure, do not leave much to the imagination since they are of high impact and there are those who catalog them as suggestive.

However, not everything is perfect. In the euphoria of the moment, incidents occur like the one that starred in the interpreter of “The Ring” with one of her dancers. What sin!

In one of her most recent presentations, a member of her dance corps toured the entire silhouette of the 50-year-old artist, making a special effort in her innkeepers, which she kept playing.

While it may be that the movements were part of the choreography, the truth is that it did not seem necessary so close and much less “grip” by the boy. Don’t you know that the ” Bronx Diva ” is compromised?

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Although in the past  Jennifer Lopez has had romantic relationships with some members of her dance group, she is now happy with Alex Rodríguez, who probably did not like this particular video very much. For obvious reasons!