Internet Users Tuned Lady Gaga for Dyeing Her Eyebrows White

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga won the criticism and love of some fans, after sharing on Instagram a photo with her eyebrows dyed white

California, USA .- On February 12, singer Lady Gaga shared a selfie on her social networks where she showed her eyebrows in a white tone

Although many loved the artist’s look, others criticized her for her eccentric style. In the picture, she wore her pink hair trying to match her eyebrows.

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Sushi!!!!! ???‍♀️?#2020

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How bad it looks like this. ” 
Hahaha hurts, so it seems alien. ” 
Before it even looked beautiful. 

On the other hand, the true fans of the singer have shown to be anxious for the next sixth album Stupid Love after having seen a preview of one of the supposed songs.