Between Balloons and Hearts! This Is How Antonela Roccuzzo Celebrated Valentine’s Day With Lionel Messi

Antonela Roccuzzo

The model did not keep anything and gave details of the evening.

Argentina’s Antonela Roccuzzo is famous for being the wife of the footballer Lionel Messi, however, her great beauty and charisma have made her very popular in the networks.

The relationship between Roccuzzo and Messi was born since they were both very young and still in their home country, the beautiful story of the 2, has resulted in the birth of 3 children, Mateo, Thiago, and Ciro.

Although the player does not usually publish much of her personal life on her social networks, her wife Antonella is quite the opposite, she is consistent with her family publications.

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Juntos es siempre mejor ❤️

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Perhaps it is because of her sympathy that Argentina has become a very dear personality in Spain, where she has been living for many years, and she demonstrates her love by accompanying her husband to each party and awards ceremony.

It is undoubtedly this love and support of Antonela, which has led the Argentine star to make him a surprise to celebrate Valentine’s Day, she has published part of this surprise in her social networks.

First, it was the model who published a photograph of her wedding day under the message “A moment to remember,” but what caught the attention of the more than 12 million followers she has on her personal Instagram account, were the stories of Messi’s gift.

And is that the player decorated the room with balloons everywhere in red and white, many heart-shaped and highlighted the bed full of rose petals that formed the phrase “I love you” and a giant bear in addition to gifts and the inevitable wine, is the girl coming?