Can Not Be! Disseminate Unauthorized Photo of Georgina Rodriguez What a Shame!

Georgina Rodríguez

Argentina has not been able to stop the virtualization of the image

It has happened again, cybercriminals who usually investigate the private life of celebrities, have found a photograph of Georgina Rodríguez and have published it throughout the web.

The Diario Gol has reported that on the networks, it is running a postcard of the Argentine model in which it blows everyone’s imagination to be only covered with a bathrobe, which however is open!

The same sports newspaper said that both Georgina and her husband, Cristiano Ronaldo, would be in search of ways to stop the virtualization of the image and eliminate it.

Those who have been able to find the photo, say that if Rodriguez is despite her face and features would not be captured in a very clear way.

Unfortunately, the same media have echoed the news and published the postcard leaving the wife of CR7  insight of thousands of people.

Everything indicates that Georgina’s photograph was captured long before she became a couple of Portuguese, exactly when she was part of the Gucci brand.

Publishing images without authorization is a cybercrime, however, it is very difficult to stop the dissemination of the photos and when you are a public figure you run the risk of being a victim of these attacks, as happened to Georgina Rodríguez.